Metal children

This is the quintessential Finnish thing. Social democratic boredom, compensated by death metal and a deep-seated scepticism towards religion; that's what a state church tends to produce. The nihilism then seeps onto even children via their parents. With the children totally liking it, all the way. They really do like to burn a church or a crutch, or two Well down, as would I.

Bill O'Reilly would prolly choke on the indignation and his provincial win on this one. But I just think he doesn't have the speakers or the campy hard metal attitude to bring it down for real. For example, would he really be able to understand that it's a sketch, with a sequel to follow?

I don't think most political pundits would be ready to come onto the scene and follow the culture they themselves advocate so easily if they took these two seriously. Church-burning and anti-guncontrol in one fell swoop. With a little girl (?) *very* much liking it all.

Also, in O'Reilly's case, he could easily travel into Helsinki, Finland, and buy a triple-day pass into the Tuska (lit. "Agony") Festival, with all of the hard metal and these kinds of metal minded little kids around. With *none* of the disturbances that usually go along with festivals. With total gun-control as well. And really, parents and children with literally this sort of face color, basically having a loud picnic for one day of the year.

Factually speaking, Finnish Death Metal Children are far better off than the American, Bored, Suburban ones. The problem isn't about burning churches, or gun control. Much less gyn control. The problem is about not being connected to your parents and/or friends. About not having a fulfilling childhood and/or surrounding community.

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