Gun kata

I'd really *really* like to advice on a gun kata sequence. I love the work Kurt Wimmer did in Equilibrium. But I think I could also elaborate on the theme. For example, there's little pleasure in watching all of the bad guys die at the same time. Much better to get them one or two at the time, with the rest of them doing their best, yet utterly failing at the job.

So, at least one choreographic sketch is in order... Let's see...

The protagonist does a basic basketball move, which starts the bad guy's arm moving. Then movement back, and the bad guy just misses. Next, a quick tap with the handle of your now empty gun to the exposed wrist, diagonally, breaking it, and the other guy's gun starts falling. The gun in the other hand has just missed the other way around, because of the bandit's handedness, so you slide the other way around, flicking the still handed gun into auto. When the bandit fires, suddenly the recoil surprises him, so while sliding and spinning around you both take the feet from under the bad guy and switch hands, and then cause the recoiling gun to hit the bad guy over the forehead, plus with a minor inwards twitch then kill two extra bad guys to the first one's rear. All the while you're catching the first, falling gun, but with the opposite hand from which you started with -- and immediately thereafter you're ready to both kill guys from your now-right side, and to go for a stopped spin over you back, and back up, quite possibly with two loaded guns from the bad guy, instead of the one, empty one you initially had.

This sort of kinetic shit is a *hoot* to come up with!

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