They tell me Finnish girls are psychosexually active. Which is a scientific euphemism for "easy". It's also true, and as a Finnish male I simply love the fact that sex is so natural and mutually wanted around here.

Yet, the intrique is rarely to be seen. Right now I'm watching the first movie in the Twilight series, and one of the characters just kills me with an off-look. It simply takes one view, and erection it is; not building-wise either.

That sort of thing rarely happens to me around here. The buildup towards tension is absent, and since it is, why build upto anything, really? Just choose and act. So then you either get sex or you don't, and it's always totally ordinary. You might get the occasional triangle, hissy-fit and a ruined nose, but the passion is mostly lacking.

I'm reasonably certain I too like it that way, because I don't like the stress which comes along with the Other Way. But then, our way doesn't exactly stir passions either. It doesn't incentivize clerical rapism -- which truth be told it probably would, if it was good and passionate enough in comparison. It doesn't rock my mind, as in sex drugs and rock'n'roll. (The last one being one more euphemism for the thing itself as well.)

I really wonder, will I ever be able to find someone who really juices me up to a male frenzy, and then, while settled down, continues to do the same over the longer term? I mean if that could happen, I might eventually be able to procreate as well. If not, I'm never going to see kids of my own, which would be a real shame.

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