A classic scientific/argumentative retort redux

I just viewed, once again, a number of creationist and evolutionist videos. I'm of course on the side of evolution, but I can understand the debate. Most of my countrymen can't either, because it's already pretty much self-evident that science doesn't support the so-called godly side. But I started to wonder...

What would it take to ascertain a creationist that, really, it's all about evolution? A few hundred years of solid science did that for the Pope already, but not all of Christendom. Yet clearly demonstrated bacterial and even sexual evolution in a lab doesn't seem to sway creationists. It's just "micro"evolution now, and when it creates new sexual species, under differential selection pressure, before your very eyes, incapable of mating with each other, then it's about broadening the definition of a species to a species group or somesuch thing.

So one of the very most basic, and basest, things came to my mind. I'm bound to be about the millionth person raising this objection, but still...

What would it really take to turn you around? "A burning bush, a booming voice from the sky?" As Sagan's original novel posited, a mathematically incontrovertible message embedded within one of the simplest natural constants? What would it take?

If the atheist is right, there then would be just silence. Pi being just a normal number. Nature working its course, without any surprise whatsoever. No divine interventions here, please move along. Nothing here to see, just physics doing its age old business, without a single fail in 15 billion years.

How do you make people care or even mind about such mundane business? Well, by subjecting yourself to harm, while blaspheming in the process. You take the final step of just relying on science as it is, and risking your life. If there's *any* evidence at all to be gathered, you trust that God Will Smite You Down in the process.

But no. He doesn't. There's total silence. And so it is with most silence. There are no miracles. There are only things we don't (yet? or permanently?) understand, and things which we do. The things you can risk your life upon, and expect to survive every freaking time. Barring a freak accident.

To me that's enough evidence. Not just about the power of science in understanding how the world really moves about, but also about the inexistence of any and all supernatural forces. They can't seem to touch me at least, so I can simply assume them out of existence. And they certainly can't save me from a scientific experiment, ever, unlike say Newton's laws.

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